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Yes, Gentle Reader, I am giving away a FABULOUS PRIZE !

If you, like me, do most of your crafting at night after the children have gone to bed, then you will be aware of how essential good lighting is.  Makes all the difference between an OK project and a great one.  Right?

Well, I'm giving you  a chance to win a gift voucher for some lovely new lighting to the value of $70 !

You might like to choose a light like one of these:

There are plenty more to choose from, which will you pick?

To enter, all you need to do is post a comment about the time of day you like to create.  Are you a night owl like me?  Or do you prefer to work during the day while your little one naps?  I will draw a random comment out of a hat.

Entries open only to Australian residents, sorry.  If you enter, make sure you provide your email address so I can get in contact with you.

Entries will close on Wednesday 25th   November at 8pm Brisbane Time!  Good luck!


Christine Wong said…
When do I like to create? Any time I can get a free moment - day or night, morning or afternoon, any day of the week. It's just trying to get that free moment that is the problem :)
Lin Mei said…
I'm so a night owl (just like you!). Last night I stayed up until 3am crafting, ably assisted by the heat and then encouraged by the prospect that the cool change could sweep through the hot house while I worked with all the doors and windows open...
Rebecca O'Gorman said…
I never get started before 9.30 and often up till well after midnight, I pay for it the next day too!!!
Karen said…
Hey there Lou! Hmmm this is a tough one! lol I personally prefer to craft during the day. Only reason being is my eye for colour seems to be better then! If I try crafting at night colour matching is not so good and can be mighty interesting to say the least! lol

Maree Conaghan said…
What is this day time of which you speak??? I have to work at night due to the fact that Qld Health demands my full attention during the day light hours. Another factor to night crafting is that my boys (8 & 41) are sleeping and not helping, the heat gun is a power tool, and must be operated by a male, if there is one awake. Hence night time.
Linda Craven said…
Night Owl!
As soon as the children are tucked up in bed I RUN down to my craft room and will stay there to the wee hours of the morning and yes I too pay for it the next morning!
Corrina Steele said…
Definately during the day, usually when Dean's asleep. But often try to start earlier in the day if he'll let me and just do bits and pieces in between playing. The lighting in our house isn't the best during the day, so would really be straining to work in it at night anyway.
Louise Sutton said…
Competition is now closed! Thanks for playing along.