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Summer is here!

My kids are all on school holidays now, hooray!  No more uniforms, lunchboxes and schedules.  It also means less free time for me to create and update my blog - but that is probably a good thing, right?  I'm feeling a bit tapped out creatively speaking, and my mojo is at the beach, without me!

Still, I know I'll be drawn to my stamp desk (when I can find it!) to work on some new projects now that the new Summer Mini is here!

Click here to see the new Summer Mini online - I am trying to mail out hard copies but life is getting in the way.  I'll do my best!  Send me an email if you would like one in your hot little hand!

Speaking of the new Mini - the Launch was fantastic!  I'll post some pictures of the gorgeous projects we made as soon as I dig them out of my camera, promise!

There is also another promotion running this month - December Frenzy!  You can get up to 50% off some great Stampin' Up! products from the 1st to the 29th December.  Don't delay - there could be some great gift ideas in that promotion.  Just sayin'.