Monday, 15 June 2015

Sugar Free Cake, anyone?

It was Thing 4's 8th birthday last week (where has the time gone?) and he invited 10 of his classmates to his birthday party yesterday, which we outsourced to a local ten pin bowling alley.  He was so excited!  I hadn't realised that the poor neglected child had never been bowling before.   The last time we'd hosted a children's birthday party at the bowling alley it was for Thing 1's 7th birthday when Thing 4 was only 3 months old.

Anyway, it was a blast - the kids enjoyed the bowling, the junk food and the ice cream cake, and we didn't have to clean our house, bake or entertain anyone.  Yay!  I did draw the line at outsourcing the party bags/party favours/whatever you call 'em.  That's because I just got my Stampin' Up! order delivered - and it contained exactly what I needed to make awesome party bags!  And by party bags, I mean cake.  And by cake, I mean cardstock and ink.  No sugar!  Except for the contents, which were 100% sugar.    Confused?

I used my last remaining stash of Naturals White (retired) cardstock to make these cute boxes.  Love how they looked all stacked together.
These cute boxes are perfect for filling with a small gift, or, as we did, sweet treats!  

The coordinating Sweet Stack stamp set makes it easy to make the boxes look more cake-like, LOL.  And I've just noticed that I used two different shades of pink ink there!

These were so easy to put together - I used the new Tape & Tear adhesive (it's a double sided tape) and it worked beautifully.  I think it is best to use this tape (or, perhaps, Fast Fuse) when making boxes.  SNAIL just isn't strong enough for 3D projects.

I already owned this cake stand and clear cover, which made it easy to keep little fingers away from the treats until the end of the party, and a snap to transport in the car.

Here's what you need to make your own sugar free birthday cake!
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