Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tool of The Month (TOTM) - Stamp-a-majig

A Stampa-ma-what?

Ever wondered how the cards in papercrafting magazines never have the sentiment crooked? Or how to stamp say, a flower, inside a circle, without it being slightly to the side of centre?

They use a stamp positioner. The one I use is called a Stamp-A-Majig. Here is is in a dark photo taken late at night:

I got mine at a craft fair years ago - and I've NEVER seen one in a craft shop. Lucky for you, Stampin' Up! sells it: see page 149 of the Idea Book & Catalogue. (The SU! SAMJ is a classic black, not purple like this one) It sells for $22.95, and I think it is worth twice that at least. It is one of the tools that I always keep on my craft desk.

A Stamp-a-majig (or SAMJ) is two parts: a "T" shaped thing and a clear plastic sheet.

Let me show you how to use it:

Here I've stamped the cute circular Happy Birthday stamp from the Think Happy Thoughts set (although, oddly the stamp says "happy thoughts" .....hmmm. Must have grabbed the wrong one for the photo! )

I'd like to stamp a flower in the centre - so I'll use the trusty SAMJ!

First, ink up your stamp, and stamp your image on the clear plastic sheet that comes with the SAMJ. Make sure you have your stamp right up in the corner of the "T" on the SAMJ, as in this photo (notice also I had the stamp upside down? That doesn't matter, as long as I keep it upside down again later):

Then, placing the clear plastic sheet over the cardstock you wish to stamp, line it up with the SAMJ.

Remove the plastic sheet (WITHOUT moving the SAMJ!) and stamp your image, having first lined your stamp up in the T as before.

See? Perfect!

This is one of those gadjets I looked at at first and thought "what a waste of money! " Then once I had it I realised I was saving money, because I wasn't wasting cardstock by having to restamp crooked images. Perfect result first time, every time.

To clean the image off the plastic sheet you just wipe with a damp cloth or a baby wipe.

Have a look through some of Kristina Werner's old "Make A Card Monday" video tutorials, you'll see her using it in quite a few. I think she even does a video tutorial from memory. I'll post a link later if I find it.

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