Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Another cute little treat box

Like this cute little treat bag?  I made it from a single piece of  A4 cardstock and a brad.  Here's how:

Take your A4 cardstock, stamp any way you like on one side (I used a Jumbo Roller "It's Beautiful" from the Spring Mini, retired just now).

Then along the short side, score at 6.3cm and 14.7cm.  Turn it so the long side is up, and score at 12cm and 16.8cm.    Mark in pencil the point 5.2cm from the 12 cm score line and again from the 16.8cm score line.  You will then score a line from that point to make a triangle - see this diagram to explain what I mean.  I have drawn the lines to score with black pen (ignore the other score lines, which were a mistake!).

Fold all scored lines,  folding both ways so the cardstock is "flexible".  Not sure how to describe it, but hopefully you'll see what I mean when you try it.

Then fold it as shown - the long sides inwards first.  You should end up with a pouch with two long ends and two short sides.  Pinch the top together and either fasten with a brad, as I did, or a ribbon.

Here's the side view:

I wasn't at last year's Stampin' Up! Regionals (I only joined in October last year); but I believe  this box was demonstrated there by Aaron (Australian SU! Head Honcho).   See?  Becoming a Stampin' Up! Demo isn't just about getting a great discount and getting previews of coming catalogues and's also about getting access to great ideas and templates.   I'll be demonstrating this little pouch at a workshop soon.

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Sharon F (createdbyu) said...

Very cute little box! I must try this myself!