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Stamp-A-Stack Sneak Peek! plus some distressing pictures.

Here is one of the cards we will be doing this week at my Stamp-A-Stack:

And something that made me cry: My baby (almost 2 years old) went from having a head of cherubic blonde curls like this-

to THIS after Daddy gave him a "grown up haircut":

He suddenly looks like he is ready to put on a school uniform and walk out the door! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Mummy is NOT ready for this!


Leah said…
Oh no! I feel for you. My sister is always trying to cut my almost 2 year old's hair too. At least it will grow back in time.
Louise said…
Yes, I know you're right. And he does look very cute with his new 'do! He's just not a baby any more, sigh.
Rebecca O'Gorman said…
I sent my son (14 months) along with my husband on the school run last week and he came home with a very big boy haircut too!!! It is not Zane's first haircut but something about this one is different, maybe it is because I was not there while it was being done? Sob.......