Monday, 17 August 2009

We're Back in the Land of Aus!

We had a lovely family holiday in Queenstown, NZ - the kids saw snow for the first time, my husband and I refreshed our extremely rusty skiing experience, and we enjoyed each other's company for a whole, uninterrupted week. Bliss. OK, a two year old on a plane is never going to be fun, but it wasn't that bad. Waiting for luggage and customs with the same 2 year old who has been sitting still on a plane for four hours is much worse, mainly because you have to wait for the stroller to come off the plane before you can restrain him again! Poor little man.

Apart from that, it really was a lot of fun. Here's a family photo to prove it!

Thank you for your well wishes for our holiday, I was very appreciative - and to my Twitter Stalker (wink), I only wish I'd discovered the free WiFi in Queenstown a little sooner than our last day! D'oh!

While I was away, I missed my Goddaughter Tess' 3rd birthday completely, so I whipped up a card and matching wrapping paper this morning (when I should have been doing more unpacking and laundry, urgh). I've used Petal Pizzazz (which replaced the beloved Bodacious Bouquet in the IB&C) and the fun single birthday greeting from the Spring Mini, Birthday Wish. That's right, SINGLE stamp ($13.95) instead of a set.

I'd best hop off the puter now and get back to the dirty laundry (urgh again). Have a great day! I'm hoping to organise a class or too before the end of the month, so stay tuned!


Leah said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great time.Thanks for your comment the brain works faster that the hands.:)

Rebecca O'Gorman said...

Lovely to see your post and great pic, cant wait to see it all scrapbooked :)
Your card and wrapping are very cute!
Look forward to seeing you again soon,