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Card Box Step by Step Turorial

I've finally done up my tutorial!  This box is one I've seen around the blogs but I've never seen it made for Australian standard sized cards and envelopes, or using A4 cardstock.  Can I just take this moment to say that I admire every single blogger out there who regularly posts tutorials on techniques and projects.  It is quite difficult taking a photo while doing something!

What you will need:
2 sheets A4 cardstock
Paper trimmer with scoring blade (or bone folder and ruler)
Sticky strip or Tombow Mono multi glue
2 strips of ribbon, approximately 30 cm long
Contrasting cardstock for handles
Round Tab Punch
Horizontal Slot Punch
Scallop Edge Punch
Paper Snips


Step 1:
As shown in the template, take each A4 sheet and score on the short side at 14.5cm, then flip the card around and score both ends on the long side 6.4cm from each end.  Your A4 sheet will now look like this:
Then, taking your bone folder, fold all of the lines you just scored and snip where indicated up to the intersection of the lines.


Step 2:
If desired (this is optional) scallop the top edge of both pieces of cardstock using the scallop edge punch.

TIP:  I also removed one of the tabs on each piece (opposite sides) as shown in the photo above, as I felt it was easier to assemble this way.

Step 3:
Start assembling your box, adhering the bottom of the box first.  You can use either sticky strip or Tombow glue here; it is entirely personal preference.  Be aware that SNAIL or ordinary double-sided tape will not keep your box together for very long, which is why I recommend Sticky Strip.  I find it less messy than glue and I don't have to wait for it to dry.

See?  The actual box is very simple.

Step 4:
To make your handles you will need to punch out 4 round tabs from scrap cardstock in the colour of your choice.   Score them before folding, it will make it easier to get a nice flat fold.

Then, use your horizontal slot punch to make a hole for ribbon to slide through.  To do this, fold your tab, flip your punch over so you can see through the "window" until the folded edge is half way through.
Your tabs should now look like this:

Now put a little sticky strip on one side of the tabs to keep the ribbon in place, like so:

With a little more adhesive, attach the side with the ribbon to your box, but don't stick down the other flap, we aren't finished yet!

Using your Crop A Dile, punch a small hole through your box, the tab and ribbon (leaving other side of tab alone), and place a brad through the hole.  Then, (again, I used Sticky strip here to make sure these handles won't go anywhere) adhere the back of the tabs down over so the back of the brads are covered.
This is not essential, just a personal preference.

Step 5:

Now decorate your box as desired with DSP, cardstock, etc.  Of course, you could have stamped the box before adhering it together if you prefer.

I hope that was easy enough to understand.  Please let me know if you've tried it, or if you have further questions.


Steph said…
This is gorgeous Louise thanks so much for doing a tutorial I will have to give it a shot!! Steph X
Karen said…
Hi Lou! thanks so much for a fabo tutorial! Your little box is beautiful!

Nikki said…
Hi Louise.

This is gorgeous and thank you so much for doing a tutorial and sharing with us.

Lin Mei said…
Fantastic tutorial, Louise! I love the little corduroy buttons on the handles.