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My Foray into Retail!

Forgot to mention, when updating my blog earlier with the New Catalogue Launch details, my exciting news:  my cards are for sale in a shop!

The Mistress of Spice (link to her website HERE) is a fab local shop in Gordon Park, Brisbane, where you can purchase ready-made delicious curries and other yummies plus spices, cooking related gifts, etc.  The Mistress herself, Elise, is an old friend of mine (by old, I mean we went to school together, not admitting my age!) and she mentioned that she is often asked by customers if they have any cards to purchase when they buy a gift.   Hopefully her customers will fancy a Handmade by Lou card!

Elise is incredibly talented and has even written a cookbook.  Her food is to die for!


Anonymous said…
Woot woot.....well done Lou!! Hope you sell lots and lots!!!!
Manda xx
Kerri D said…
Woohoo Lou how fabulous is that!! Hope they do well for you.... that's my dream to sell my