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More Christmas fun!

I am sure I didn't show you these cards already...
But if I did, I'm sorry! I will come back and edit - I am writing this on my iPad, waiting at the doctor's surgery.
This card uses the Ovals die, Big Shot (seen this month's promotion yet? Whoops, haven't put it on the blog yet!), the Pennant Parade stamp set and matching punch) and Four the Holidays stamp set.
this is one I CASE'D from the current Idea Book and Catalogue. Love that glass glitter!
And finally, one made with an alphabet on my wish list - I borrowed this stamp set from the lovely Manda.
What else to tell you? Since my last post we've had my eldest son's 9th birthday party with a Halloween theme:
My seven year old did her first school assignment (with help from Mummy's Big Shot) on penguins:
The kids and I tried out some of the settings on my SLR camera:
And my Mum, Aunt, Sister and I made 6 aprons, 6 Lederhosen, and 12 Chinese Dancer costumes for my eleven year old's school musical. Well, they did the sewing; my involvement was multiple trips to Spotlight to buy more fabric, cutting out, and making sandwiches and cups of tea.


Winda Tiodang said…
omg i love the last pict, how did u do that?? please reply on my latest post, i really wanna know. i cant wait for christmas!! the christmas decoration is everywhere now!! :D

i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member.

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Louise Sutton said…
Hi Winda, thanks for your kind comment.

To take the picture, you need a tripod, a dark area, an assistant with a sparkler , and I used a Canon DSLR camera with a long shutter speed - of a minute, I think. I didn't use a flash. I've seen a great tutorial here:

Good luck!