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Product Spotlight - Kraft Boxes

It is easy to overlook them, hidden on page 160 of the Catalogue - but I think the Kraft Gift Boxes (124106 $4.95 for 4) are a bit of a gem.

They are flat when they arrive, so you can easily stamp them, emboss them, cut them up to make them a little more personalized, etc.   They are a great size for small gifts, or for a set of handmade gift cards, or baked treats - and a lot fancier than a paper plate. 

Here's one I recently filled with choc-chip cookies to give as a hostess gift when my son went on his first sleepover:

I lined the box with baking paper - it's what I had on hand.  I would have used waxed paper or greaseproof paper if I had them.  I easily fit 6 handmade cookies in the box.

The outside of the box - I made this decoration a long time ago (Blossom Builder punch, now retired!) and adhered it to the box lid.  These are the sorts of things you could make in bulk while watching TV, and use them as you need to decorate gifts.  Easy way to dress up a simple gift for friends, neighbours, teachers...

If you were giving some home made cookies as a gift to someone this Christmas, wouldn't it be fun to add the recipe too?

Here's my recipe - I made the cookies with my Thermomix and adapted one of the basic recipes from the Everyday Cook Book that comes with it.   

The Recipe card was made with MDS.  Naturally!

Of course, you can make chocolate chip cookies without a Thermomix - you may have a favourite recipe of your own.

In case you haven't had enough of the Kraft Gift Boxes, there are two more types in the Holiday Mini - a large gift box, and one with a clear window!  Awesome!

Here are a few creative and clever ideas thought up by the Stampin' Up! artists that I saw on the Stampin' Up! Blog (on the USA site).  They look a lot more glam than $1.23 each don't they?
Here are a collection of decorated Kraft gift boxes from the Stampin' Up! Blog (on the US site). Feel inspired?

You can find them on my online store HERE.