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Week in Review

Things I did this week instead of prepare, organise, advertise and invite people to a Christmas Card Class:

L-R, Top Row:  Run from Thunderstorms; My dear Thing 3's Confirmation; More Confirmation;
Middle Row:  Fencing competitions and training for an interstate comp next weekend for Thing 1; Thing 4's "assignment"; Thing 2's Assignment (he's doing a talk about Turkey, so I made a fez);
Bottom row:  A new 'do; Big lizards in my garden; my husband travelled interstate for work.

Not shown:  3 seperate end of year band/choir/orchestra concerts; Thing 1 Speech & Drama AMEB Exam; Exams and Assignments for all the Things; quotes from tradesmen for boring repair stuff; preparation for Confirmation and First Holy Communion (which is tomorrow) for Thing 3, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving to pick up Thing 2 when he missed his bus.
Next week I'll be on Thing 4's class trip to the Botanic Gardens, and taking Thing 1 to Sydney for her first interstate Fencing Competition.  Exciting.  But crazy busy; who'd have thought having 4 kids at 3 different schools could possibly mean life is incredibly busy at the end of the year?  It also means, despite my good intentions, there will be no class again this week.  Sorry everyone!

In the meantime, I have some cards to show you - I made two similar ones using the Starburst technique, which I learned from reading the Stampin' Up! Impressions Magazine for Demonstrators.  Full of cute ideas!

Want to know how they were made?  I'll tell you next time!


Leah Weir said…
Yes i'ts a crazy busy time of year.😝