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40th Glitz

I was recently invited to attend my new neighbour's glam 40th party - it was a decadent dessert party!  Such a fun idea, and a lovely evening.  I was able to whip up this birthday card in a matter of moments.  I kept it fairly simple.  Love the glimmer card stock, it really set the whole thing off.  I mounted the numbers on bits of Dimensional that I cut into little bits.  

A little bit of embossing, a little DSP and new Banner frame lit and Starburst frame lit, and it's done!

Of course, this would be easy to make into a male 40th card too - just swap the DSP or colours.


kilroy said…
Oh to be 40 again! That was so long ago. When Jim turned 40 he warned me that whatever I did to him I would get back double the next year. I bought him a half dozen red roses and a birthstone ring.

The next year he bought me a dozen roses and a pair of gold earrings.