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Disruption and Disarray

Hello all!  I apologise for the disruption in my usual service - I'm in Renovation Hell right now.

In the meantime, I've been keeping up with all the Stampin' Up! news - there's already a Backorder Report I'm afraid:

126853: Summer Starfruit Classic Stampin' Ink-Availability not yet determined
133322: Petite Petals Punch-Availability not yet determined

 I'm living in my kind Parent in Laws' house with the children while our home is having wooden floorboards sanded and repolished; a new kitchen put in (with new stovetop, range hood, and new ovens), plus new built in entertainment unit and desk area in the open plan family room next to the kitchen.  It is very exciting!  Also very disruptive, dusty, know.

I'm hoping to move back home this week.  Not sure how much of a kitchen I'll have when I do!

Here are a few renovation "Before" shots:

We will keep the dishwasher, but the 19 year old green lino bench top is starting to peel up at parts, and the cupboards were falling apart.  I have always hated the original lighting in the kitchen - one central oyster light.   Two big windows mean heaps of natural light in the day, but poor lighting at night.  I also hate the two deep corner cupboards - everything gets lost in the depths.

I'll be replacing as many cupboards as I can with drawers - so much easier to keep track of things, and less strain on the back.  The two big windows mean we can't have any high cupboards.
We had a basic electric cooktop, and the range hood was never ducted, so it only served to circulate fat and grease throughout the kitchen.  Ew.

Our old oven is pretty basic -it cam with the house when we bought it.   Pretty much everything cooks on one temperature, and no matter how many times I've cleaned it, I can't remove the charred black gunk on the bottom of the oven.  The timer doesn't work either!  We are keeping the fridge (silver thing next to the oven) as it is fairly new.  Our pantry is also a bit impractical - deep shelves mean things get lost.

Step 1:  The old kitchen is gone!  You can see the footprint of the old  kitchen on the floor where it wasn't polished.

Step 2 - sanding back the timber floors.  This house was a rental for 7 years before we bought it 11 years  ago, and the original polished floorboards were badly scratched up and dull in heavy traffic areas.  You can see the open plan layout in this photo.  We'll be putting in a built in entertainment unit on the left wall (next to the clock).
Here are the new cabinets!  

New shiny floors!

New lights in the kitchen!  LED down lights and a bright flouro  will make a big difference at night.

I'll post more photographs as more progress is made.  We've already had some delay with Customs and backlogs.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing now (fingers crossed).

I hope my renovation photos aren't too boring - but they are all I have until I move back in at least!


kilroy said…
WOW, I see why you haven't been posting. It will be great once you are moved back in and everything is in it's place.

About the Florida squirrels, ours are small compared to the ones my brother has in Ohio. His are a different color and about twice the size. He also has black squirrels that are smaller like ours.