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I'm Back!

Hello!  I've almost made it through the other side of the renovation:  we have moved back home, the new kitchen is in and everything is finished bar the glass splash back and a couple of minor details, such as putting everything I had in boxes from the old kitchen, back into the new kitchen!  I will show some finished kitchen photographs, but I'll wait  a week until the glass splash back guy has installed them.

In other exciting news, the Retirement List is up!  That means that there are stamps and accessories we'll be saying goodbye to when the current catalogue ends on June 30.  Don't leave it too late if there is something you love on the list!  Products can and do sell out, as everything is on a "while stocks last" basis.

You can order from me via my Online Store HERE, or you can send me an email   

Want to know what is leaving?  Here is a link to a PDF of the Stamp List  and to the Accessories List.

There are some old favourites I'm sad to see go, but overall I'm excited about all the NEW stuff that will replace them!

I also need to tell you about this AMAZING limited-time recruitment offer:

Only available until 30th June, so hurry!

The details:
Dates: May 28 - June 30, 2014
Notable Items:
  • This offer is only good until June 30, so take advantage while you can!
  • During this offer, the special $85 starter kit will also be accompanied by $90 in free products; the regular $169 starter kit is also still available.
  • Both kits come with the business bricks which includes catalogues, order forms, and more.
  • While this promotion will concurrently be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and France, Stampin' Up!'s market-specific recruiting regulations still apply.
  • Redemption of free stamp sets must be between July 1st-July 31st.