Monday, 7 June 2010

I'm baaaa-ack!

I must apologise for my lack of posts since Convention - I was pretty wiped out after such a big weekend, and then hit the ground running when I returned home as I hosted my 40th birthday party the next weekend, husband went away for work, four kids and their various after school activities, and the school fete is getting closer so there was work to do there.  Finally, the Red Nose Day Fundraiser to organise!  I feel like I'm being pulled in about 5 different directions at the moment, but then again, I love to be busy!

I have been meaning to post pictures of the gorgeous hand made cards I received for my birthday (over a week ago now!), so here they are, finally:

Gotta feed the Gang of Four, I'll be back later to tell you who made these gorgeous things!  Wasn't I spoiled?
Edited to add:  Top row L-R:  Bec O'Gorman, Bec O'Gorman (not a birthday card, but I included it anyway), Karen Thomas;  Middle Row L-R:  Karen Thomas (again, not a birthday card!), Amanda Saffery, Bec's beautiful Mum;   Bottom Row:  Jan  McAnulty and can you believe this is a shop-bought card?  I've included it because I am sure I can CASE it.  
A challenge - can you make a shoe card?  Leave me a comment if you manage it.

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Karen said...

Hey there chicki!

You certainly were spoilt! Now, with that icecream card - you did get the handwritten note that I put in there didnt you? I hope so or you would have wondered why I didnt write on it! roflol

Luv K