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Crazy week - you know what it's like?

I've had a crazy week which isn't that unusual really! I've had gastro, my husband was away for work, I had a class and I had a stall at a friend's Christmas market. Throw in a year 5 band concert, a fencing competition and an under 8's rugby breakup and you'll see why I haven't posted much lately!

Tomorrow I will be child-free so intend to upload and edit, so you will have to be a little patient with me please!

I have to share a funny with you - I was in a flap on Saturday morning, trying to mass-produce some Christmas cards to sell at the market which I was doing at the last minute. My darling husband tried to help by suggesting that I just stamp Santa hats on some birthday cards I already had. Made me laugh, bless his heart! He just doesn't get it!