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Heat Embossing Tutorial

Nothing says "Christmas" like some lovely gold or silver embossing, am I right?  In case you are new to stamping, or have been wondering how to do it, here is an illustrated* tutorial for your edification and enjoyment!

You will need:
Embossing Buddy
Powder Pal or scrap cardstock
Embossing powder
Heat Gun
Small Paint Brush
Stamps and Paper, naturally!

Step one:

Swipe your cardstock with the Embossing Buddy - this will minimise, if not eliminate stray embossing powder going where you don't want it to.  Your fingers leave small traces of oil etc on the cardstock, which attracts the embossing powder.  So believe me, it DOES make a difference.

Step two:

Ink up your stamp in Versamark and stamp your image.  Versamark is a clear "sticky" ink which can be used alone to create a gorgeous watermark effect, or for heat embossing as we are about to see, due to its slow drying nature.  Normal Classic dye ink is totally unsuitable here as it will dry almost instantly.

Step three:

Sprinkle embossing powder of your choice over the Versamark.   Now you see why you need the scrap cardstock or Powder Pal - you tap the excess powder back into the container (this can be messy).  Use the paintbrush for any stray bits of powder that are stuck in the wrong spot.

Step four:

Melt the powder with a heat gun.  Yes, you CAN use a toaster; but I don't recommend it as people have burned down their kitchens that way!  Do NOT try to use a hairdrier instead - it isn't hot enough and will just blow the powder off.  I've also heard of people trying to use an industrial heat gun - it is too hot and will scorch the paper.  Use a craft heat gun, people, please.  This is not the type of thing you want to mess with.

Keep the heat gun on the powder until you see it change - looks magical!  Don't overheat it, or the image will look flat instead of raised.  You can also scorch the paper if you hold it too close or for too long.  This is something you need to practice, as your heat gun might be slightly hotter than mine, for example.

Step five:

Once you have melted the powder - admire your work.  Impressive, no?

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*my computer is too slow to load my pictures as someone (looking at my husband with intense glare) has exceeded our monthly downloads.  I'll have to edit and post the pictures on the 1st December.  Sigh.