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Market Night

Hello, Blogland! Remember me? As usual, despite my best intentions, life has gotten in the way of my blog lately.

What have I been up to? Well, since my last post, I've turned another year older, my children have had the usual round of birthday parties, school activities, sport activities, etc, and I've had fun at a fundraiser Market Night at a local State School.

It was a lovely night, with tables set up for different party plan companies, as well as local talents with Beautiful products to sell. My table was set up with displays and a free make and take. I also contributed a raffle prize and made some new friends. I also met old friends, including a girl I used to work with back when we were both in high school! Small world.

My biggest asset was my lovely assistant - my eldest daughter, who was a big help and was fabulous at walking up to strangers with a brilliant smile and a charming "would you like to make a card?". She is pretty cute and hard to resist!

I don't know how much they raised for the Prep school, but I hope they reached their target. I had a great night, and it looked to me as though all the guests did too.

Please excuse any quality issues with this post - my computer is dying and my husband (resident expert on all things electrical) is away for work, so I can't use it for a little while. Emails might not be seen for a while as well, unfortunately.

Lucky for me the trusty iPad has come to the rescue!