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Fun things to do with Kids

I was looking through some photos on my computer just now and came across some taken on the recent school holidays I'd forgotten about. (please note I am doing this post on my iPad on the Blogger App this time, I am not sure how the photos will appear, so bear with me until I can edit the post please!)

Have you taken your preschooler to the Queensland Art Gallery lately?

We love the Art Gallery, GOMA, the State Library, and the Museum. But the Art Gallery is especially fun at this time of year when the jacarandas bloom. There is a gorgeous painting of a jacaranda in the Gallery and every year something magical happens....

Some kind gallery fairy drops jacaranda flowers under the painting! Kids love it.

Another thing they enjoy is saying hello to the Gallery Mice ( you can buy a book about them in the Gallery gift shop).

If you haven't taken them there, you should!