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Introducing....The Handmadens!

I am lucky enough to have four talented, lovely women in my team, and it occurred to me that we need a team name - so The Handmadens it is!  Geddit?  Handmade by Lou's Handmadens!

If you've ever thought about joining Stampin' Up!  now is the perfect time.

It is perfect for you if:
you just want the discount to offset your hobby;
you want to make friends and find other like minded crafty people;
you want to make a little money to help you save for a holiday, or a big bill, or pretty handbags;
you have been looking for a small business you can run yourself that fits in with your lifestyle.

For me, there is no downside.  You don't need an ABN, you simply purchase the Starter Kit for only $169 and choose exactly what products you want to get up to a value of $235.  That's it.

You stay in it as long as you like - as long as you make your minimum commisionable sales per quarter of $400.  Believe me, it isn't difficult.  And if you leave you just drop out, no paying back anything.  No commitment!

I am happy to help support you to run your business any way you wish.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me at louise t  I also have lots of info on the "Join My Team" Page above.  It is very easy to sign up from my website - you only need a credit card, and away you go!  You can join up right HERE.  Click the "join now" button.

We are having a Team Meeting next Tuesday Night, it would be lovely if you joined us!