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Time savers? Yes, Please!

You'd think I'd have learned by now.  Yet, here I am again, mid-November, taken by surprise that Christmas is only 6 weeks away.  
I know that when October swings around, things in my busy household suddenly get frantic.  My kids (the 4 Things as I affectionately call them) are now 14, 12, 10 and 7.  Between them, my children are in three choirs, five bands and play French Horn, Cello, Violin and Saxophone.  Then they have sports on top of that.
September and October account for four birthdays in our immediate family and our wedding anniversary.  Add to that assignments, choir and band practices, recitals, sporting competitions, award nights and end of year band/choir concerts and the lead up to exam period and things get even more frantic.  Suddenly I need to have cards on hand for birthdays, school events, teachers, coaches, tutors and for graduating friends, on top of preparations for Christmas.  And then it is November.
Remind me that I need to get started in September next year, won't you?
Anyway, I'm sure the rest of you are just as busy as I am.  Which is why I'll let you in on a few timesaving tips I've stumbled upon.

1.  Card Kits
All these cards made with one kit - everything included to make 20!  
Have you noticed the amazing card kits we have in our catalogue?
I have the Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit, it contains everything you need to make up 20 cards with about three different sentiments.  I made up the whole kit in one sitting and it didn't take me long.  I then put them in a box, ready to use as required. 
I usually make my cards from scratch, but sometimes I find my stamping area is a mess, and my mojo has run away, and I'm caught out last minute.  That's when these cards come into play.  I also think I might package some up together in bundles of five to give as teacher gifts perhaps?
I used four of them recently as birthday cards for parties my children were invited to on a busy weekend.   Slipped a gift card inside, and Bob's your uncle!  Some of the cards are a little of a difficult fit for the envelopes once they are made because of the popped up layers.  An easy way to fix that is to custom- make your own envelope - also an easy way to jazz up your card.  
The card was too snug for the matching envelope, so I quickly made an envelope to fit.  Love using up odd bits of leftover DSP this way!
2.  Envelope Punch Board

This is seriously quick and easy to use.  
Look pretty cute, don't they?
I cut out a couple of labels quickly with my Big Shot and hand wrote the name of the recipient.  Easy Peasy!

Seen how to use the Envelope Punch Board?  here's a video made by Stampin' Up!