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NSR (Non- Stamping Related) Post

I just had to show you guys the cutest ever measuring cups I found while browsing at a local shop (Mumma's Place at Newmarket) -

Russian Dolls!  Could they be any cuter?  They nest inside each other of course, and the top half of each doll is a different measurement to the bottom - one is 3/4 cup, the other may be 1/2.   They cost about $20 and I couldn't resist.
 Here's the packaging to help you find them.
*disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with this product.  I just liked it.


Karen said…
OMG LOU!!! How cute are they! My little girl loves those dolls!! What an ingenious idea for someone to make them into measuring cups though!! LOVE THEM!

Louise Sutton said…
Next time I'm there I'll see if I can pick up another one for you darl, no guarantees there will be any left though!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lou.....I bought these for my sister for Christmas....I got mine from General Trader at DFO....just in case you need find some more....Manda