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Scallop Circle Punch Flower Embellishment

I made some pretty flowers to embellish some of my tags and thought you might like to see how it was done.  This is not a technique I invented, although it has been around in various forms all over the internet for years, and is similar to Dawn McVey's distressed flower embellishments.

You will also note the first few photos are blurry and not in focus, and then suddenly I notice the little flower thingie on my camera (Macro) and Shazam!  I have details in focus!  Sadly you also have a close up of my dreadful fingernails with the peeling off nailpolish and bitten down nails.  Not pretty.

Anyhoo!  Here's the flower you will learn how to make:

First I punched a scallop cirlce from scrap So Saffron Cardstock that I'd stamped with the En Francais Background stamp in So Saffron ink for a subtle, vintage look.

Next, I crumpled it into a ball.  Yes, really! (Note the blurry pre-Macro photo!)

Then I smoothed it out and roughed up the edged with my thumbnail.  You could use a pair of scissors, but I found it easier to use my thumbnail.  You want the edges roughed up like this:

So you can "split" the cardstock layers on each scallop with your fingernail, and gently roll them.  Notice the in-focus shot now?  Don't look at my terrible nails!

Next I inked the edges in a shade darker ink than the cardstock (More Mustard).

Now the easy part !  (Not that the earlier part was exactly difficult)   Using some retired Earth Elements buttons I'd been hoarding, I poked a hole in each buttonhole and stitched the button to the cardstock using linen thread, and tied it in a bow.  A knot would look just fine as well.

Finally, taking my super sharp Paper Snips, I cut between each scallop up to the button to make the petals.  Easy!

And there you have it!  Your own lovely embellishment made entirely from scraps.  

Try it yourself!


Rebecca O'Gorman said…
Absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of the vintage look so I'm going to make these for sure. Thanks for sharing Lou.