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Happy Monday!

Well, yeah, it's Monday.  Blah.  Back to lunchboxes, finding lost school shoes and nagging kids to brush their teeth for me.

Between getting the kids to school, dropping off the ironing (no, I don't iron.  My husband and I both hate it so we have since the day we said "I Do" outsourced this chore!), clearing away the breakfast chaos and putting on another load of washing, I've made a Handmade by Lou Facebook Page today.  There's a "Like" button on my sidebar, so if you read my blog, make sure you "like" me too!  I was posting a few blog links to my personal page and thought I might give this business page thing a go.  That, and I was avoiding housework.....

I have also sent out email invites to my Mother's Day class this Thursday, 7th April at 10:30am, so if you'd like to come, let me know!  We also have Stamp Night on Friday night (8th April) so let me know if you'd like to come along to that!  I know, I should have sent out the emails last week - but I had a crazy one with sick kids, parent/teacher interviews, yadda, yadda.    You know how it is!  I am also planning on offering this class one evening, but next week most likely.  I'll confirm that later.

I've taken a few photos with my "good" camera which I'm about to upload and edit, so I'll be back with them soon.  The good thing about my iPhone is that I can post directly to my blog, but the photos really aren't that great.