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Busy, Busy, Busy!

I was intending to have a couple of posts planned in advance, but sadly, much of my spare time last week was spent standing in a line at Officeworks while the teacher present (a little photobook ) I made with MDS could be printed, and then, reprinted because the new girl who served me didn't realise their laser printer needed to be set to 85% lighter.  Sigh.  

It was all OK in the end.  Phew!

I was pleased with it - I would have probably shopped around for printing options if I hadn't been pressed for time, but I must say, at 20c per page, Officeworks was more economical than printing at home, although the colours weren't perfect.

I have found it a struggle to get near the computer to upload and edit photos, as my children are all on holidays now, and if the boys are playing Skylanders on the Wii, the girls are on the computer watching a movie.  If the girls are playing on the Wii, the boys are playing Minecraft on the computer.....argh!  And it's only the first week!

I'm hoping that I can "unplug" them today long enough to clean their rooms and put up the Christmas tree.  Fingers crossed.

Maybe I can fit in some Christmas Card writing and mailing?

In Stamping news, I have something exciting to tell you:

We have never had the Clearance Rack in Australia, though it has been in the US market for ages.  Wonder what will be on it?  


kilroy said…
So that's why they didn't put much on our clearance rack this time.
kilroy said…
Thanks so much for the heads up on the CR. We got it too and I was able to get everything I wanted from it. They didn't let us know ahead of time that it was coming and I didn't say that I had this little hint. I will be looking for the next batches too.
Louise Sutton said…
It's rare that we get a heads up here before our US/CAN sisters! xx