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Another new product you won't be able to live without!

Looks pretty boring.  But wait and see what this baby does to any 2inch or 5.1cm wide piece of card stock:

It turns it into a cute and easy gift tag!  Or, if you make the card stock longer, a bookmark!  Just add stamps, ink, and a bit of twine/ribbon/yarn.

I think this would be so easy to have in a drawer with pre-cut card stock (mine was about 10cm long x 5.1cm wide), already stamped, and some twine.  That way you have a gift tag kit ready to go.

There are two tag topper punches.  Here are some more I've made:

I'm getting quite a stash ready!


kilroy said…
I make so many gift tags for shows so these new punches are must haves for me. Good idea to punch a bunch for future use. I imagine your children go to a lot of birthday parties and need to take a gift.