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Happy New 2010!

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year and that 2010 brings  exactly what you wish for.

After a lovely break at Caloundra, I'm back home at last.  I'm in the midst of a massive de-clutter which I am trying valiantly to do room by room while my four sweet darlings play quietly by themselves......*crickets*   Yeah, not so much.  I'm being interrupted every 5 minutes as they inevitably trail in one by one to ask the same question...."Can I have something to eat ?"   ARGH!  I'm sure many of you can relate to the mysterious holiday appetite bored children develop.

But enough about me, what about the craft?

I have a couple of gorgeous handmade Christmas gifts I was lucky enough to receive,  as you can see:
This was not Handmade by Lou, but Handmade by Trish Hollis, a tallented sister Demo.  She embossed the Baroque Motifs stamp onto glass, what a clever girl!   I was lucky enough to receive this gift in our Team Christmas party swap.  It was full of rocky road chocolate when I received it too.....wonder what happened to it?

Next, the gorgeous Bec O'Gorman spoiled me with this group of scrumminess:

A little bookmark, watering can made of DSP, a sparkly pen (the green is chunky sprinkles) and these pretty earrings made from beads and pearls from the Pretties Kit.  She is so talented.  I am very lucky!

I will be back soon with some more lovely things to show you, but I have to go read some stories and tuck some little people into bed.


Tracey said…
What beautiful gifts, Louise! People are so clever, aren't they? Good luck with the declutter - a very New Year thing to do!!!
Karen said…
Oh wow!!! Another lot of gorgeous goodies! Your a lucky gal!