Friday, 22 January 2010

On the Treat Cups Bandwagon

You might have seen a few of these on the internet lately, namely on my mate Rebecca O'Gorman's blog among others.  So I had to join in!

 Here is the first one I tried.  I made it so you can slide a tab to reach the goodies inside and not destroy the card.  Might I add that these new orange and white M&M's are really scrummy?  They disappear fast though.  Better make sure you stock up, LOL.

 And here's the last one.  I stepped it up a little by cutting out the gumball machine image, adding the polka dot background, and the sentiment on oval/scalloped oval punched out cardstock.  Heaps of fun!  Would  make a great birthday card, don't you think?

A word of warning:  I live in Brisbane, and it is summer.  I was forced to eat the chocolate you see in these photos before they melted.  I'm willing to make that sacrifice so that you, faithful blog reader, may enjoy the pictures.  I'm very generous like that.


Karen said...

Don't ya just love this stamp set Lou? Your cards are both awesome!


Rebecca O'Gorman said...

He He, I like you my friend have been "forced" to eat all my excess chocolate. I have been also compelled to try lots of different chocolate just to see how they all look in the treat cups, just a service I am happy to provide....