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The Great Fete of 2010

As promised, I'm back to update about the Fete - you will remember I was part of a team of Mums who have been meeting every fortnight over 6 months to make things for the Gift & Greet Stall (which we renamed from the Craft Stall).  I manned the stall for 3 hours on the day, and it was pretty busy!  I discovered today that our little stall raised - wait for it - $6,200.00 for the school!!!!!!  WOW!!!!

Makes all the hard work worthwhile to achieve that result.

Here is a collage of photos I took at the Fete, including some of our products (my first Collage using Photoshop Elements, so it is pretty rough!):

As usual, I have just realised that my kids have a school holiday due to the Ekka (Royal Brisbane Exhibition) when I've scheduled my class next week, so I'll be re-scheduling.  D'oh!

In other exciting news, my box of pre-order NEW CATTY goodies is being shipped to me, so I should have it by the end of the week or early next week at the latest!   Squeeeee!


Leah said…
Congrats. Such a huge amount of money raised. Worth all the time and effort you put in.
Well done.
Manda said…
Looks like a great day. So pleased that all your hard work paid off. Congratulations. Manda xx
Chrissie said…
Hey Lou....that is a great effort!! Can I ask what you made for the stall?? I have promised the kindy where my son goes that I would make some stuff for their Christmas stall....and so far I've done nothing!! But I have a retreat coming up so I am going to get busy but would love some cool ideas of stuff that sold well!!