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Maiden Post!

Welcome to my corner of the internet!  Please be tolerant of me as this is my first foray into the blogosphere.   

At present, it is school holidays here, which means four bored, fighting children at home, sigh.  And not much time for craft.  Except for craft with the children, which can either be an enriching, creative experience for all of us, or..................not.  We've had both experiences so far this week.    Next week I should have some actual photos and things to show off.   When two of the four are back at school.

However, I wanted to have a play on the computer while my treasures are watching a DVD to see if I could make this blog thing happen.  

Until next time.............


Lin Mei said…
Welcome to Bloggerstan, Lou! Enjoy your papercrafting and blogging...and, of course, your treasures during the school holidays.