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Seriously, the ugliest cake, EVAH!

Not my best work.   Started well enough - vanilla cake mix with a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder chucked in to make it a chocolate cake per Her Highness' request.  Cake baked nicely, left to cool while we had visitors, but disaster struck at 6pm when it came time to decorate.  We had no icing sugar.  No icing sachet came with the cake mix.  I had nothing.  Nothing!  

So, I decided to improvise.  I dug through my "miscellaneous baking things" containers until I discovered:
I used the tube of glossy icing to glue on flowers, and write on the cake.  It turned out rather as you'd expect, especially after the children took turns gluing on their own artistic touches.

Please, those of you who are sensitive - look away now!

Bizarrely, my children - the same children who usually only ever eat the icing on any baked goods - declared this cake to be the BEST cake ever.  And gobbled it up.  


Rebecca O'Gorman said…
This is so funny! I feel your pain girlfriend.