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Teacher/Neighbour/Candlestick Maker Gifts

 I don't actually know any real-life candlestick makers, but you get the idea.  Apart from the cute card handbags I made for the female teachers in this post, I've made a few other things for male teachers, etc.

This is what my daughter's male teacher got.
It is another clever UStamp project.  I was also using up some of the gorgeous, but now gone, Parisian Breeze SDSP.

When you slide off the belly band,  it opens to reveal....

Ta DA!  Coffee and chocolate, a match made in Heaven.  

For the After Hours Care Lady, I made this little pouch containing a bundle of home-made gift tags:
here's what it looks like inside:

Wow, my hands look bizarre and giantish!

Finally, here's what we made for my children to give to their classmates:  a bookmark.  So easy, with roller stamps.  The kids wrote on the back in a gold pen, then I laminated them.


Aliessa said…
This is such a good idea! Hopefully I'll remember it for next Christmas!