Friday, 13 May 2011

Convention, Day 1, Part 1

After days of preparing swaps, freezing school lunches so my wonderful Mum wouldn't have to make them (she's helping out with the kids while I'm away), finding and washing all my winter clothes, packing and unpacking then repacking my suitcase, I was finally ready to leave sunny Brisbane for Melbourne.

The day I arrived was the coldest May day Melbourne had seen in years, I've been told! It was even hailing!

I met up with my roomie Lyanna (Lyanna is in the same downline as me) and after we deposited our bags in the apartment, we set off to explore Melbourne on foot.

These photos are from my iPhone, so not fab, but give you an idea. Melbourne is famous for great shopping and great food. Heaven! We checked out iconic landmarks such as Flinders St Station, and Union Lane, famous for it's graffiti.

I'm emailing this blog post from my iPad and can only send 5 photos at a time, so this post will be broken into parts. See you after the jump!

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