Sunday, 22 May 2011

What a week!

It started off so well. Monday, an old friend came around for a well overdue catch up, Tuesday I did a little laundry, some groceries, etc...then Wednesday. School Assembly day at my kids' primary school. That was the day my youngest would not listen to me when I told him to sit quietly. Instead he ran off playing and climbing and jumping around the concrete steps and just when the Assembly finished I heard The Cry that every mother knows immediately is her child, and she's bad. Sure enough, I found my baby crying with a bleeding gash to his head and a massive lump, getting bigger by the second.
Ice pack from the school first aid room, a quick trip to the GP and monitoring for concussion.

Thursday - little man's head a lot better ( no more lump!) and a busy day with cello, French horn and after school activities which mean we are only coming home from the school pickup at 5:00pm and catch peak hour traffic. And it is raining. Because of the rain, the young inexperienced driver behind me fails to leave enough room to stop, and ploughs his Toyota into the back of my car. We are shaken, but unhurt. The young man was unhurt, shocked and apologetic. His car was undrivable and will be written off. My big, safe Volvo was drivable and lost the bumper bar. We were so very lucky. Cars are just things. Insurance will cover the damage. My babies and that poor young fellow are ok.

Then to add to a big week, I took all four kids to the dentist. The sheer logistics involved in getting everyone from two different schools to our dentist in the city by 3:30pm was like a carefully choreographed ballet. I got there on time! By the time we finished, after hearing bad news about the state of two out of four children's teeth, it was again 5pm and peak hour traffic.

And the craft news: above is a picture of the cupcake picks a friend has commissioned for a special celebration. I think we are going with the lighter gold.   I'm also busy making decorations for my niece's baby shower next weekend, can't wait to show you!

Here's to a better week this week!


Amanda said...

Oh, you poor thing Lou. Hope this week is so much better for you! xxx

Louise Sutton said...

Me too!

Theresa said...

Yikes, hope this week's better....

Bianca said...

Wow Lou - thats an intense week! And what a cracker ('scuse the pun) of a lump on little J's head! Fingers crossed for a better week this week. xx