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The other reason I come to Convention

Shell Gardiner, co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up! is so charming and warm in real life. She always does a stamping project on stage and always makes herself available or a photo and chat. Poor woman must find smiling so much exhausting, but you'd never know it. You cannot help but to reenergized and inspired by her. The other reason I come to Convention is the lovely Stampin' Sisters I have from allover Australia and NZ.  It is such a wonderful way to make new friends, catch up with old ones, share and get inspired by your peers.  Lyanna and I are both Brisbane girls, and we met up with and became friends with Leeanne and Zarna from Parkes NSW.  We went exploring Melbourne in search of food, and ended up at The Spaghetti Tree.  Such a great night!  We laughed and talked and ate too much.  


Zarna said…
What?!? Why is my photo after shelli's?!? I'm waaay more famous!!!