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It's Been a While

OK, I know I'm usually terrible at posting here during school holidays, but this is ridiculous!

What's been happening?  Well, my husband travelled overseas for 3 weeks for work, leaving me a pseudo-single parent of four children.   He ended up missing our baby's 4th birthday and our eldest son's First Communion.   Oh, and the day he left our computer died.  I was without email for almost a month!

Remember the Baby Shower from a few posts ago?  Our lovely niece had a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Louis one week ago.   Congratulations Chris and Nick!   Love the name, for obvious reasons!  I haven't been able to meet him yet due to viruses and things going around my kids at present - just couldn't risk getting a newborn sick.  Can't wait to give him a cuddle.  Horrifying to realize I'm officially a Great Aunt.

In the first week of the school holidays my eldest child had to have dental work done under general anaesthetic as day surgery, not fun.  Another child will need the same shortly.  Apart from that, we have had playdates, sleepovers, movies, a day in the Botanic Gardens, a day at the Gallery of Modern Art, plenty of Lego, Wii and Nintendo DS time, some sewing, some baking, and some sleep ins.

New Computer!
Now my husband is home, we have a new computer (but haven't got everything off the old computer yet) and school holidays are almost over.

I am still getting used to the new iMac (it was great to have FaceTime when my husband was in the US) and will have to do some fiddling to figure it all out.  It will be better when we get all the stuff from the old computer (such as Photoschop actions, digi scrap stuff I've purchased...etc).

On the upside, my family's Lifestyle Change is going well - the kids now eat multigrain bread without complaining and I'm up to week 7 on my Couch to 5K programme (learning to run on my treadmill).  I've also lost 13.5kgs since October last year, with more to go.  

From a Stampin' Up! viewpoint I've been busy too - I've had a few workshops lately, which was fun.  I've got another couple coming up and I'm getting to really enjoy them.  I'm free in August if anyone is thinking of hosting a Retirement Workshop (the Retirement List will be out next month).  I also have a new recruit!  Welcome to the team, Michelle!  I'll post a link to her blog as soon as she gets one.

Here are a few of my recent creations - a thank you note for one of my hostesses, and the tags I made for the recent workshop orders with the Big Shot.  Fun, aren't they?

Anyway, I haven't abandoned my blog, I've just had life get in the way.  Which happens.

I'll do another blog post about this month's promotion, too! 


Zarna said…
The tags & card are so damn cute! Congrats on the 13.5kg! You're doing so well! I think I've put everything that I've lost back on this week, can't help myself, popcorn & chocolate & chips were my undoing!