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MDS Content Discs without MDS?

I started to wet my toes in the ocean that is Digital Scrapbooking a couple of years ago, and I was THRILLED to see that our Aussie/NZ catalogue now includes MDS Discs with digital content - though not the full MDS, yet.

I have a Mac and Photoshop Elements 9 (PSE9).  And although it has been about a year since I used PSE9 to do anything other than edit my photos and add a watermark, I am starting to play around with it some more because of the Stampin' up! MDS Content Discs.

Here is an early attempt at a Christmas Card using the Remember December disc:

OK, it is a little rough, because I was trying to make this in a hurry while my children were banging down the door to use the computer to play Minecraft.  I can't wait for them to go back to school so I can play on my own computer!

Here's what I learned:

1.  If you've never tried digital scrapbooking and don't have PSE or something similar - wait until we get the full MDS (or perhaps MDS2, because that's what they are currently using in the USA) before purchasing the discs.  

The reason I say this is because you won't be able to create projects immediately without PSE or whatever other Digi Scrap software you use (Disclaimer:  I only know about PSE9, because that's what I use!).

The discs were designed to work seamlessly with MDS.

2.  On the other hand, if you already know you'll love it, and don't want to miss the discs we have currently (in the Holiday Mini, or Hostess collection, for example) while you wait for MDS to hit our shores, contact me to purchase (unless you already have a Demonstrator, in which case, contact her!) while we wait for MDS.  We've been told it could be another 12 - 24 months for us (perhaps in the 2013 Catalogue?  That's what I'm wishing for!) before we get the full MDS.

3.  If you are already a digital scrapbooker - you'll love having the Stampin' up! DSP, stamps, and embellishments in your digital toolbox.   I love having some of my favourite stamps loaded as digital brushes!

4.  Downside - the scrapbook templates don't work as "Quick Pages" where you drag and drop your photographs into the template.

5.  Upside - you can use the templates as hybrid pages, or as a blueprint for creating layouts from scratch (traditionally or digitally).

6.  I'm saving for a MacBook Pro for when we do get MDS.   This gives me more time to save my pennies!

7.  I'm enjoying getting back into digital creating - I enjoy the challenge to myself to master new technology.  It doesn't mean I've stopped getting my fingers inky though!

9.  I've been using MDS content to customise my Facebook Timeline, make a personalised Father's day Mousepad for my husband's office, personalised luggage tags as gifts for friends, signage and posters for Launch, etc.  It's a fun way to make business supplies!

10.  I'm writing up a tutorial on how to use MDS discs with PSE9.  Watch this space for details!


leannep said…
Awesome info Lou, thanks for sharing. Can't wait for MDS (v2 hopefully!!) :-)