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MDS Monday - Lost Boy

I decided to do a digital scrapbook page with a photo book template in MDS to document a fairly horrible experience - we left my youngest child behind at a Rugby breakup day accidentally.  It had been a busy day, and we took two cars, and we both thought the other had him.  It all ended happily, with my son safe and sound, and he displayed common sense and maturity in the circumstances.  But it was a very frightening experience for all of us, and one that I doubt we'll need a scrapbook to remember.  Nevertheless, I wanted to document this day for the sake of posterity - this will become one of the family stories that will be re-told over the years, and I also like to keep it real.  Not everything in the scrapbook has to be about the good times. 

To make this I used a page layout I liked from the 12 x 12 Designer Kit Family Album.  I'm intending to do many more from this album as I collate the year's events.  I am doing it page by page, but at the end of the year I should have enough done to print off as a Photo book.  I kept it pretty simple, just changing the title of the page and adding my journalling.  I wanted to get the story down, while it was fresh.

I often change up the templates in the Designer kits to personalise them, but it is also fine to use them as they are.  If it ain't know.  Sometimes the inspiration strikes, other times you just need to get it done.  

Ugh, I still feel shaky about  what "might have" happened to my brave little boy during the 20 minutes or so we didn't know he was missing.  I'm not sure I'll want him out of my sight to go to school today!