Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another Blog Renovation

Yes, I have a million jobs to do today, so of course, I'm procrastinating by playing with my blog!

It was feeling a little cluttered along the sidebar there, so I've made a number of tabs along the top for Stampin' Up! Stuff, catalogues, promotions, etc.

No doubt I'll be tinkering again soon!

Hope you are having a productive day.......unlike me!


Karen said...

Holy Cow!!! Your very clever to do that Lou! Looks awesome!

Have you gotten any happy mail lately that you aren't allowed to open till your birthday??

Luv K

Louise Sutton said...

Not at all clever - Blogger does it all! I only just noticed I could do it!

And yes, I HAVE got some lovely Happy Mail sitting here looking at me that I'm not allowed to open! Thank you sweet girl! Can I peek just a little?