Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mother's Day part 1

I forgot to show you the Vintage Vogue cards I made for my own Mum and
my MIL . It appears I can only post one photo per email so the other
card will be on the next post.
I made both of these cards with leftover scraps from the Mother's Day
class last month.  I am trying to use up some of the colours that
will retire soon such as Lavender Lace and Barely Banana.

Looks like the line spacing and paragraphs are a little iffy with the iPhone, but nothing I can't edit later when back with the computer, right?

On another note - I finished 50 swaps last night!  Woot!  I am unsure how many more I will do, but at least I have a respectable start.   I'll post pictures of my swaps later so I can keep the element of surprise for any Convention-going Demo buddies  who may follow my blog.

Karen Thomas, if you are reading - I got a lovely letter from you which says I am not allowed to open until my birthday!  You meanie!  LOL.

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Karen said...

Ooooooooooo gosh I am a dill! Here I have been wondering if you got my card and only just now found your little not to me on your blog telling me you did!! So glad you got it chicki - and I'll be thinking of you on your birthday!

Luv K