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More Convention News!

While I'm waiting for the extra photo storage issue to resolve (I've purchased 20GB extra storage for the princely sum of $5 and it might not process for 24 hours) I can let you know about the exciting promotion that was announced at Convention - from now until 31 July, 2010, the Starter Kit price is reduced by 20% !

That means the Starter Kit (the one in the back of the Catalogue with $560 worth of products and business supplies in it) will be only $259 instead of  $324 for a limited time!!!!!

If you have been considering signing up for the discount, or are looking for an opportunity to earn some money while you have little kids at home, or want to make a career change - now is the perfect time to dive in!

Let me know if this is an opportunity you think you might like to take up!

Be back later, after I've fed the Gang of Four.


Leah said…
Hi, I can't believe I didn't see you at convention. I kept looking for you, althought there was a lot of people. Wasn't it awsome!