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Convention part 2

These happy flowers greeted us all at the Registration desk - simple but effective, yes?

The whole SU! crew is incredibly talented and creative - little touches like this everywhere made for a very inspiring experience.

Finally I have sufficient space for photos again!   Here is a picture of the Convention bag we all recieved:

Here are my Roomies, Linda, Bec and Steph, and Linda's baby Sophia.  They were heaps of fun to stay with, and made the weekend fantastic.  Even with the dramas of two full evacuation from our hotel in three hours in the middle of the night!   Our first night (Thursday, before Convention officially started) was spent helping Steph finish her swaps, with the lovely Marelle Taylor, Teneale Williams, Joanna Wassens, and Jayne Mercer!   Marelle brought a bottle of champagne with her too, which was very much appreciated.

Some terrible snaps of Memento Mall from my iPhone!  


Here are pictures of the projects the presenters showed us on stage:

The Awards Night Dinner was fantastic.   Here are more of Steph's team:  Trish Hollis and Lyanna George, Shelli Gardner and ME, and Bec and Steph!

Next year's Convention will be in Melbourne and will run for 3 days.  I'm going to start saving from today!

I have a busy week ahead of me, so I am not sure if I will get back on here before the weekend, so have a fabulous week.


Karen said…
Another lot of GORGEOUS pics Lou!!! How adorable is little Sophia too! I'd give anything for eyelashes like hers! lol

Have a super day chicki! I'm counting the days till my mail man comes with a package..........maybe tomorrow, but more likely Thursday me thinks!

Luv K
Steph said…
Awesome photo's Lou!! Hope you had a great birthday and can relax this week after a busy one last week. Steph X