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The Best Month of the Year! May!  LOL because it is my birthday this month of course!

It has already started off well - the lovely Leah awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award!

The rules are that I must pass the award on to another 10 Beautiful Blogs AND tell you 10 things about myself.

In no particular order, here are the 10 Beautiful Blogs of 10 beautiful people!

Steph  - Stamping With Steph
Linda  - Craven Time 2 Stamp
Bec - Heart and Craft
Amanda  - Manda Stamps
Lin Mei Yap
Mae - Mae's Cachet

And here are ten fun (or not really fun) facts about ME!
1.  I  met my husband in first year at Uni but we didn't start dating for another ten years!
2.  I am the eldest of six children.
3.  I am deaf in my left ear.
4.  I'm a Bloody Volvo Driver!  (remember that ad?)
5.  I played the flute at school.
6.  Before I got married I had 100 pot plants.....four children and a dog later, I have NONE!
7.  I love to travel - even with children.
8.  As a child I used to have a recurring dream that I could fly.  Wouldn't that be cool?
9.  I really don't miss being a lawyer.  Miss the people I worked with though.
10 I will be turning 40 at the end of this month!!!!

I really need to take some photos  tomorrow morning in good light - I can't believe I haven't posted the delicious projects we made at the Launch last month.   My Mother's Day class was also really fun.  I'm planning a Big Shot class this month, so watch out for more details about that!

It is a long weekend here - I hope everyone has an enjoyable one!


Chrissie said…
Thank you Lou for this lovely award!
Hey..when in May is your birthday??? My birthday is also im May- on the 25th!! Must be that all great people are born in May!!
Leah said…
Your very welcome.
Wow your from a large family too.
I must tell you I have one pot plant. :)
See you in Sydney.
Rebecca O'Gorman said…
Thank you!
Can't wait to travel with you very very soon! I'm such a travel newbie I hope not to irritate you with my excitement/stupidity :)
Love Bec.
Linda Craven said…
WOW my first Blogging Award! How very exciting. I can't believe you had 100 pot plants! Looking forward to Sydney later in the month for Round 2.
Louise Sutton said…
LOL Chrissie - my birthday is the 29th - so we will have to celebrate both our Birthdays at Convention!
Leah - Big Families Rock! LOL you beat me with the pot plant.
Bec - as if you could be annoying! We will have so much fun!
Linda - so glad you are coming to Convention now. Yeah, hard to believe I had such a green thumb!