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2 Steps into fabulous, Dahling!

I can't say (or type) the word "fabulous" without thinking of the cult TV show "Absolutely Fabulous".  Remember?

Anyway, I have found a few more examples of cards made with the sets that are featured in the current special:
 I'll post a different set each day.
Here are some cards made with Cheep Talk - some of them were NOT handmade by Lou, they were handmade by Barb Douglas, my wildly talented friend who is alas, blogless at this time.
 This is a Christmas card Barb made - isn't she clever?  The baubles are from Circle Circus.
The pear card on the bottom left here was also made by Barb.  Isn't this a cute set?  I will warn you, with this set, as with most 2-step stamps, you really need a Stamp-a-ma-jig to align everything perfectly.   Another set tomorrow!


Sam said…
Thanks so much for the groovy clip Lou. I was a huge Pet Shop Boys fan in my youth, and I loved Ab Fab. I've just gone and uploaded my CD with that song into my iTunes. Happy day!

Louise Sutton said…
My pleasure Sam! It gave me a giggle and I was humming it all day. :-D