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School Fete Eve

It is the night before the Fete at last. I've baked up a storm today, made 5 dozen cupcakes. Of which only 3 dozen turned out ok. I discovered that when you double the recipe, you are supposed to double the quantity of ALL the ingredients , not just the butter and eggs!

Here is a picture of some of the pretties we are selling at the "Gifts & Greets" stall tomorrow. I'm praying for good weather!


Manda said…
Good luck Lou....hope my little contribution turns out to be useful. No rain dances tomorrow - I'll happily go to netball!! Manda xx
Louise Sutton said…
Thank you sweet Amanda! You are such a generous friend, and never fear your contributions are very useful!

Happy netball for you tomorrow!
Bec Tipace said…
Oooo I love your head bands, I bet they were a hit!