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When you need to send "With Sympathy."

In the past fortnight, two of my friends have experienced the sorrow of deaths in their family.  One, an elderly ill parent;  the other, a spirited, mischievous four year old daughter lost in a tragic accident.

I'm not telling you this to garner sympathy, but because I am reminded that a handmade card is perhaps most needed at a time of bereavement, and yet much more difficult to create than any other type of card.   None of us know when a tragedy will strike, and when it does, our instinct is to reach out to comfort our friends, even when it is difficult to know the right words to say.

Here are the two cards I've recently created, and sent to my bereaved friends.  I hope that they might be useful to you if you are in the unfortunate situation of having to come up with something suddenly, and in a time of stress.  Both of these cards were photographed just before I popped them into an envelope to post, so they weren't photographed in the most ideal conditions.

Stamps:  Loving Thoughts; Daydream Medallions

I find it easier to keep the card one-layered in these situations; mainly because it makes them easier to produce quickly.  I also like to keep it fairly simple, unless you are making a few to have in advance, for the same reason.  

Stamps:  Loving Thoughts; Papillion Potpourri
Remember that when you are making a bereavement card, it really doesn't matter how complicated it is, or how perfect.  What matters is that you are reaching out with love to someone in the depths of grief.

It doesn't matter what you say inside the card - a simple "I'm so sorry for your loss; please know I'm thinking of you," is sufficient.   People are often worried they'll say the wrong thing; but it is more hurtful to say nothing at all and leave the loss unacknowledged, in my opinion.

True story:  When my youngest sister died sixteen years ago, I remember receiving a card from a young male friend, and being touched by his kindness.  Three years later, I married that kind man.